Game Economy Designer

English: Advanced

Locations: Poland, Romania, Spain

Solid Bash is a prominent video game development studio for AA mid-core games with a focus on mobile platforms.
For almost a decade, our team is proud to have been delivering products to Annapurna Interactive, Rovio, Sega, Ubisoft, and others. As a part of Room 8 Group, Solid Bash provides bespoke solutions that encompass the entire development cycle, adhering to the principle that a quality gaming experience should not be limited by screen size.
Solid Bash recruiter

As a Game Economy Designer, you will be working closely with the Game Designer and the Product Owner in charge of a full-cycle project's Economy direction, pre-production/production to launch, and LiveOps afterward.

You are a team player, are passionate about creating balanced and fair mobile gaming experiences for players to enjoy, and have a deep understanding of what makes games fun and ultimately successful. You lead by example and you can work in a fast-paced environment.


Sounds interisting, I'd like to learn more about it.

Superpowers you have
  • 3+ years of experience in a similar position in mobile game development,
  • 2+ released full-cycle mobile projects. LiveOps experience is preferred,
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in using Microsoft Excel and/or Google Sheets,
  • Deep, up-to-date knowledge of the free-to-play market, both web-based and mobile,
  • Experience of working closely with analytics, 
  • Understanding of proper ways to set up event system, and deep understanding of game KPIs,
  • Experience in conducting market research and analysis,
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
You’re a rockstar if you have
  • Mentoring experience,
  • SQL (KQL/mySQL) knowledge,
  • Strong econometrics skills, 
  • Ability to model problems into quantitative systems, and draw qualitative conclusions out of quantitative data,
  • Understanding of client/server architecture and data collecting pipeline and mining.
Becoming part of Solid Bash, you will
  • Analyze, calculate, implement and iterate key gameplay elements and features to create a fun and engaging gaming experience,
  • Analyze game economy, balance, player behaviour and the influence of external factors, 
  • Prepare reports on request,
  • Develope player segmentation to adapt the product to user experience,
  • Set up event systems for games and work with game KPIs with a focus on improving them,
  • Control the integrity and validity of all collected game data,
  • Forecast and evaluate the results of A / B tests,
  • Deal with independent research tasks => from the formulation of a hypothesis and target metrics to the development of recommendations for changing games for product teams,
  • Create and maintain detailed game design documentation.

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