Middle Unity Developer

English - Upper-Intermediate

Locations: Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey

Solid Bash is a prominent AA mid-core video game development studio with a focus on mobile platforms. As part of Room 8 Group, we work with world-class clients like Ubisoft, Rovio, and SEGA to create engaging games that thrill players worldwide.

We are a diverse team of professionals driven by challenges and empowered by growth opportunities. Take creative control, and let’s embark on an exciting career quest together!

Solid Bash recruiter

We are looking for a Middle Unity Developer to bring new ideas and professional expertise to our team.


Sounds interesting, I'd like to learn more about it.

Superpowers you have
  • 3+ years of experience with C#/Unity programming;
  • Confident knowledge of Unity and C#;
  • Good OOP knowledge and design patterns principles;
  • Development of 2D and 3D games;
  • Experience with mobile platforms (web and consoles NSwitch/xBox/PS4 will be a plus);
  • Understanding client-server architecture in the context of game development;
  • Experience with Profiling/Debugging and Optimization by CPU, GPU, memory and build size;
  • Ability to work and create technical documentation.
You’re a rockstar if you have
  • Understanding multithreading;
  • Experience with Physics;
  • Experience with AI or Bot system;
  • Experience with shader languages HLSL/GLSL;
  • Experience with Photoshop;
  • Experience with unit, behaviour, integration testing;
  • Experience with Jenkins/TeamCity;
  • Knowledge of Agile/Scrum;
  • Worked with different teams;
  • Worked on/created large frameworks and projects;
Becoming part of Solid Bash, you will
  • Develop/port games and applications for iOS/Android, Web, PC/Mac, PS4/Xbox/NSwitch platforms; 
  • Prepare technical documentation; 
  • Participate and contribute to the architecture discussions, design and code reviews, and estimation of tasks or projects; 
  • Work closely with other disciplines (Game Design, UX, 3D/2D Design, Visual Design); 
  • Work and communicate effectively in a fast-paced environment where goals and requirements may constantly change; 
  • Be committed to learning and sharing knowledge with the team to achieve common goals;
  • Collaborate with clients (calls, emails, Jira comments, etc.).

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Matthew Zoern
Head of Solid Bash
Matthew Zoern

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